What is 3D Architectural Animation?
December 7th
What is 3D architectural animation

The world is moving forward, and we’re trying to keep up. In the real estate industry, architectural animation services are now gaining popularity more than ever. For luxurious and detailed presentations, rendering companies use animation, and clients – potential investors or simply homeowners – are ecstatic about high-quality solutions and hyper-realism. Let us tell you more about this service and for whom it’ll be useful. Spoiler alert: for all people, from architects and builders to real estate managers and all of us who want to build our dream home.

What is Architectural Animation?

In simple terms, an architectural animation is a short movie about your future home. Thanks to the highest quality and latest digital programs such as 3ds max and Unreal Engine 5, we’ll provide you with the exterior or interior visualization of a promising building in a 3D environment.

Of course, architectural animation offers more opportunities than simple interior and exterior rendering visualization. During the presentation, clients receive an immersive experience, able to look into every corner of the building, both interior and exterior, and enjoy the surrounding landscape, including sidewalks, vehicles, and other nearby objects. All this aims to provide clients with an all-encompassing and detailed view of their future projects.

Architectural animation is an opportunity to view the project from any angle, take a virtual walk through all the rooms, and deep-dive the new reality. Also, animations enable you to quickly find and correct defects before the construction starts.

Types of 3D Architectural Animation

We can divide architectural animation into the following types:

Exterior and interior animation. It typically involves creating a video series inside or outside the building. This way, clients see the room from all angles and its external appearance, i.e., the exterior. Everything is simple here: if you want something, you create it. More often, it’s a short video with a general intro to the space.

Mixed animation. It combines external and internal views, with smooth transitions, creating the most complete picture of how the space looks. It gives a feeling of absolute integrity.

3D walkthroughs. It’s a special type that lets you walk around the room to view the external visualization with an immersive experience. The main advantage is that the camera is located at eye level and thereby creates the illusion of absolute presence. All in all, it enables us to maximally emphasize the advantageous points of the space.

3D flythroughs. This type allows you to view right from above, sometimes combined with step-by-step instructions. It’s thanks to this type that clients are able to look at the environment, see what surrounds the buildings, and understand the space holistically. After all, it’s all-important not only to create a building but also to fit it organically into the external environment, taking into account all possible nuances and landscape features.

Who is 3D Architectural Animation For?

This service will enable architects to present their projects such as architectural drawings of residential buildings, villas, apartments, commercial buildings, office premises, and theaters.

For interior designers, this service will come in handy when showing spaces that include furniture, color combinations, lighting placement, etc. That is, it helps create a brighter and more realistic impression and understanding of the color range, shades, and reflections. In the same way, landscape designers can use it when working on outdoor landscapes.

Helping visualize actual elevations, land slopes, and more is also an important factor to let clients fully understand what they’re dealing with.

Real estate managers can also use incredible presentations to impress their clients! After all, it becomes much easier to convince both a potential investor and a direct buyer by showing a video, thanks to which clients can immediately imagine themselves as the owners of this or that building.

Keeping every detail in mind and imagining ourselves as a client as much as possible, our designers create incredible 3D tours and videos from a height to satisfy the wishes and needs of the most demanding clients. And most importantly, we do so in the clearest details!

Why Use Architectural Animation?

The answer is to give the client an idea of ​​what the project will look like at the end with maximum realism and clarity. Architects, builders, landscapers, and interior designers prefer using animation. After all, unlike a two-dimensional architectural drawing, 3D architectural animation lets clients see the physical structure of the building from different angles, including the exterior and interior, and the view from a height. It’s thanks to animation that your presentations to clients will get enriched with new and higher-quality content, and any corrections can be made in advance.

Who and How Benefits from 3D Architectural Animation?

Both architects and all workers related to architectural activities can take advantage of animation. CGI animation is useful both as a marketing tool and as a presentation tool for active clients.

If we consider an already built yet unfurnished building, it becomes clear that animation is a perfect fit in this case, too. After all, even with a ready-made space in front of you, it’s hard to imagine all the necessary furniture, sizes, and shades with the help of drawings. For that reason, 3D animation marketing services are an incredibly powerful tool in the real estate industry. Thanks to their use, clients are able to improve advertising both on websites and social media.

For interior designers, it’s simple. Animation services give them wider opportunities to close deals by showcasing the building in minute detail, showing every shade, stroke, and shadow.

All industry specialists use animation services with pleasure because it’s the most detailed demonstration of the project available to any client worldwide. Unlike static pictures, clients can watch a dynamic video and get an incredible experience.

Summing It All Up

As technology develops increasingly, all industries are undergoing a revolution. Architecture is one of the oldest human activities; the need to design buildings has existed as long as buildings have existed. Keep up with the competition and risk losing contracts. Create and use 3D animation technology in your work and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Architects have been working ever since there have been buildings. As scientific and technological progress moves forward, all industries are doing so as well, including ours. Move and develop with us and show your clients only the highest-quality projects. Contact us for a detailed discussion of your ideas and enjoy highly qualified and high-quality cooperation backed by the latest technologies! Let’s move forward together and get your projects done in the most realistic way!

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