We need to understand your exact wishes to make sure we can deliver an outstanding result. Before starting your project, we need to get as much information as possible.
01 Comprehensive task description
  • Drawings and building plans
  • Clues and artworks that inspire you
  • Atmosphere and mood references
  • Furniture, colours, and materials
  • Drawings and building plans
  • Location address or link to Google Maps
  • Atmosphere and mood references
  • Images of the area you need to fit the building into
  • Furniture, colours, and materials
02 Atmosphere
We focus on geometry, general atmosphere, angles, and fragments. This is a very important stage because after coordinating the angles, we cannot change them.
03 Color solution
We define the main colours and saturation as well as place accents. Your comments and ideas are very important; they will help us to improve the images according to your preferences.
04 Materials
We add detailing to renders through the texture of the materials.
05 Final images
You will obtain the high-resolution renders of your idea. This is the end and the beginning!
Your team
To perform interior visualization according to a ready-made task from you, we involve:
  • PM of the project
  • senior 3D visualizer
Taking on the visualization of the interior when there is no ready-made task from the client and it is necessary to create a design from scratch, visualization, and development of the concept of the exterior, unique architecture, we involve:
  • PM (this is the connecting component between the client and the art team, it is responsible for all communication, solving organizational issues, monitoring deadlines, and financial issues)
  • art director, (control of the quality of work of visualizers and organization of processes within the art team, control of the execution of edits from the client)
  • a team of visualizers (can be responsible for their piece of work from start to finish, or work together in a team)
  • architect (is engaged in the development of architecture, for example, when the client needs to develop the concept of a building, residential block, anything)
  • designer (comes into work when the client does not have a design concept for the room or building. the designer is engaged in the selection of materials and references, and creation of a mood board for the client)

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