Case study: AI-Powered Photo-Realistic People in 3D Interior Visualization

Serafyma Tregubova
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At Fortes Vision, we thrive on turning ideas into breathtaking visual realities. Recently, we’ve wrapped up another exciting York Street 3D rendering project for Foolscap Studio, an Australia-based company revolutionizing commercial construction. Foolscap Studio has been a valued long-term client who has already created several successful projects with our team. Our collaboration has encompassed exterior and interior rendering, as well as virtual staging.

Today, we’re thrilled to share our approach to a recent York Street rendering and the stunning outcomes it yielded. Let the ball rolling.

#1. Project Details and Scope

This project took us to the heart of Sydney, where we were tasked with creating interior 3D visualizations for an office center. The client’s vision was crystal clear: they wanted a single interior rendering capturing the front view of the building and two additional interior renders showcasing the meeting room and open spaces.

To fulfill client’s needs, our creative process was built upon meticulous planning:

– Detailed Interior Drawings

We started with precise interior drawings to ensure accuracy in our rendering.

Precise 2D Floor Plans

These formed the blueprint for our 3D masterpiece, ensuring that every detail was faithfully recreated.

Aesthetic References

Architectural style references were carefully considered to match the client’s vision.

Client Preferences

The client’s specific preferences for lighting and camera angles were taken into account for a personalized touch.

Inspirational Design Mood Boards

Mood boards provided creative inspiration, guiding us toward achieving the desired look and feel.

#2. Project results

Our journey began with a 3D visualization with people added to the interior. It is only an intermediate stage, where we use 3D models that do not look realistic, so we take the next step.

In an effort to bring these models to life, we turned to artificial intelligence. After our adjustments, the meeting room came from a lifeless appearance to life, thanks to advanced AI enhancements. The result is interior renderings that look so real, you’d think you could step right into it.

The client expressed immense satisfaction with both 3D interior images. In a delightful turn, the additional rendering exceeded expectations and aligned perfectly with the client’s marketing strategy, tailored for the audience. Our impromptu offer turned out to be a resounding success.

Interior Renderings Beyond Expectations

The reception, kitchen, and music room transformed similarly, reflecting the client’s vision with incredible precision. These 3D renders proved to be powerful tools for our client’s marketing campaign, which started generating new leads within a week of its launch.


#3. The Marketing Usage of 3D interior renders

Fortes Vision’s transformation of initially unrealistic 3D models into live-like renderings left our client thrilled and primed for an extraordinary marketing campaign. Our highly immersive imagery evokes a sense of authenticity, making viewers feel as though they’ve already experienced the environment. This inviting atmosphere is now ready to welcome new customers.

Our artistic view and visioning helped the client understand that others’ pictures required refactoring, and finally, we stepped in, covering everything from rendering to marketing, providing a one-stop solution for our client’s needs.

Ready to turn your ideas into stunning 3D visual renderings? Contact Fortes Vision today, and let us transform your concepts into captivating visual masterpieces.

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